Aviators wanted

Aviators wanted!

Who is a WWI aviator from the Tyrol or Vorarlberg? For our project we decided that anyone who was either born in the Tyrol (including South Tyrol and Trentino) or Vorarlberg, or who spent a significant part of their adult life in that region is relevant to us. However, finding these aviators is difficult. Many documents and records from that era were either lost or destroyed. Most others only contain very basic information, often even lacking information about birth places and places of residence prior to military service. In many cases we only have subtle hints that a certain aviator indeed falls within the scope of this project.

We will regularly update you about our findings in our blog. From time to time we will also publish lists of aviators, which may have been from the Tyrol and Vorarlberg, but where we lack further evidence and information.

  • Altadonna, Georg, Rovereto February 2, 1891
  • Anderl, Rudolf, Korporal, 1. Tiroler Kaiserjäger-Regiment, pilot at Artilleriefliegerlehrkompagnie (AFLK).
  • Anesi, Anselmo, Barselga Piva, December 14, 1885
  • Appel, Hans, Landeck, July 22, 1894
  • Aschberger, Hans, born in Meran/Merano (when?), Offiziersstellvertreter, in July 1918 he wrote about his pilot training in Klagenfurt
  • Bachlechner Hugo, Silz/Tyrol, May 12, 1896
  • Baier Maximilian, Brünn (Brno)/Innsbruck, 1890
  • Baier Otto, Loschau 1897 [Lochau?]
  • Baur, Fritz (Friedrich), Flugzeugführer (pilot), Oberleutnant (Hofrat Dr. Baur, Bozen, Museumstraße 35, perhaps his father?)
  • Bednarzik Maximilian, Innsbruck, January 28, 1891

If you have any information concering these persons, please get in touch and contact us: