Aviators wanted

Aviators wanted! 2

This week we are looking for the following Austro-Hungarian avaitors from the Tyrol and Vorarlberg:

  • Bernhard, Oskar Franz, born 6 October 1888 in Dornbirn, Feldpilot (field pilot), resident of Satteins
  • Bibiza, Franz, born in 1896 in Lienz, baloon operator, died in the field on 30 November 1917
  • Bösch, Eugen, born 19 July 1894 in Lustenau, Feldpilot (field pilot), place of residence and death are unknown
  • Brunner, Heinrich, born 18 May 1886 in St. Gallen/Switzerland
  • Büchele Hans, born on 24 September 1892 in Dornbirn
  • Chizzali de Bonfandini, Franz, born 1 April 1890 in Innsbruck
  • Christomanos Sigurd Leo, born 6 January 1896 in Innsbruck
  • Coreth-Starkenberg August, born 11 June 1894 in Trento
  • Czernin von Dirkenau, Egon, born 24 February1888 in Riva
  • Dechant, Friedrich, officer and pilot, unknown birthplace and birthdate

If you have any information about these aviators please get in touch!

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