Aviators wanted

Aviators wanted! 3

Here are ten more aviators from the Tyrol and Vorarlberg. We are looking for any information you may have on these aviators, including their family history, war service and of course photographs. Any contribution is much appreciated and will be given appropriate credit!

  • Depauli, Anton, field pilot, downed in July 1918, prisoner of war. Unknown birthplace and birthdate
  • Diesner Erwin, born on 27 October 1883 in Innsbruck
  • Dinkhauser Dr. Josef, born on 20 February 1881 in Innsbruck, meterologist
  • Dreher Ernst, born 6 January 1891 in Dornbirn
  • Eccher, Edler von Marienberg, Alfred, born 3 November 1878 in Innsbruck
  • Eichler, Oswald, born 19 November 1895 in Nowosielca in Romania, citizen and resident of Dornbirn (“heimatzuständig”)
  • Eller Franz, born 31 December 1896 in Innsbruck
  • Endrizzi Leopold, born 28 August 1881 in Bozen
  • Fabjan, Hermagor, born 23 October 1883 in Triebsdorf in Rudolfswörth (Krain), citizen and resident of Bregenz (“heimatzuständig”)
  • Fels Otto, born in 1884 in Dornbirn

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If you have any information on these or other aviators from the historic regions of Tyrol and Vorarlberg, please leave a comment below or contact us via e-mail at!