Aviators wanted

Aviators wanted! 4

These ten Austro-Hungarian aviators were either born or lived for an extended period of time in the Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Part 4 of our series Aviators wanted!

  • Fessler, Dr. Alois, born 6 September 1881 in Hohenweiler, meteorologist
  • Ficker, Dr. von Feldhaus Heinrich, born 23 November 1881 in Munich (Germany), resident of Innsbruck, meteorologist
  • Flatscher, Dr. Rudolf, born 4 September 1885 in Franzensfeste/Fortezza, meteorologist
  • Flatz, Ernst, born 25 September 1884 in Travnik (Bosnia), father from Bregenz, telegraph controllor of the b.-h.-Heeresbahn (military railway), field pilot, deadly crash on 20 June 1914.
  • Folk, Hans, observer and field pilot, born in Milovice/Moravia
  • Franzelin, Adolf, born 8 August 1892 in Innsbruck
  • Frena, Otto, born 31 March 1895 in Kufstein
  • Fritz, Artur, born 8 March 1890 in Landeck, resident of Innsbruck
  • Gasser, Alois, born 28 January 1892 in Innsbruck
  • Gattinger, Alois, born 1858 in Innsbruck

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